KDE Bugsquad – Kdenlive Bug Day on December 15th, 2018 (Today!)

We will be holding a Bug Day on December 15th, 2018, focusing on Kdenlive. Join at any time, the event will be occurring all day long!

This is a great opportunity for anyone, especially non-developers to get involved!

  1. Mascot_konqi-support-bughunt.pngCheck out our Bug Triaging guide for a primer on how to go about confirming and triaging bugs.
  2. Log into KDE Phabricator and join the Bugsquad!
  3. Join the #kde-bugs IRC channel on Freenode to chat with us in real-time as we go through the list.
  4. Open the shared Etherpad for this event (use your KDE Identity login) to select your block of bugs and cross them off.

If you need any help, contact me!

Preparing for AI and Automation

I recently had a guest blog post featured on the INE Blog about preparing an IT environment for AI and automation. Check out the post!

Here is an excerpt of the beginning:

It is undeniable that Artificial Intelligence and Automation are in the minds of the public. With major corporations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft making the news on their artificial-intelligence research and products, and personalities such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking holding interviews warning of an A.I. apocalypse, it’s no wonder people are talking about it.

Artificial Intelligence has recently migrated into Information Technology, with several companies providing solutions for IT Operations. Executives and managers are quickly eyeing it up, excited by its abilities to make employees more efficient, reduce downtime, and minimize staffing. The marketing for these products is very positive, extolling the simplicity of operations and their effectiveness. The algorithms, as it is explained, will handle everything.

There is a configuration cost to get it up and running and to keep it running smoothly that management may not see at first. There is no “Easy” button here. Depending on the organization, implementing an A.I. and automation platform may require thousands of hours of work. This article aims to provide some thoughts on prerequisites to using A.I. in your IT infrastructure.