Ukuu Goes Closed Source

Some of you noticed in my My KDE-Centric Linux Laptop Setup – Part 1 post that I used Ukuu to get the latest mainline Linux kernel. Well, things have changed lately with Ukuu…

As explained by Tony in the Ukuu v19.01 release post:

gothicVI: So ukuu now completely turned into a closed source project?

Tony George: Yes.
Older versions are still open-source. Somebody can develop that version further if they have the time and interest. I may open the source again if I stop working on it (it won’t happen anytime soon).

Comments section of

So, unfortunately Ukuu has gone closed source, and now requires a paid license. If you check my laptop setup post now, I have removed reference to Ukuu due to this, as I just cannot support that. I understand that Tony wants to sustain himself, but there are ways to do that without closing the source and forcing payment:

  • Make the donate button more prominent.
  • Make a donation pop-up to remind people.
  • Set up a Patreon and direct people there to support you (which he had last year, but now seems gone).
  • Move your app to a storefront such as elementary’s AppCenter where you can add a price to your app.
  • Lock certain features behind a “premium” version of the app, but leave the core open source.

Moving to closed source is the wort of the options, and it is a shame to see that happen.

This is a good time to mention to my readers, if you enjoy an app or distro, please donate. Over the years I’ve done exactly that over the years for dozens of projects, even if it is just a few bucks. Especially try to donate using recurring methods such as Patreon if you can. Any little bit helps, and ensures we continue to have a rich open source ecosystem.

One thought on “Ukuu Goes Closed Source

  1. More reasons to stay or go to Manjaro where installing or switching kernels is a breeze 🙂

    I suspect that people will use some other tool on Ubuntu side and if I remember correctly, there is some alternative to ukuu, but I might be wrong.


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