KDE Bugsquad – Gwenview Bug Day on March 30th, 2019

We will be holding a Bug Day on March 30th, 2019, focusing on Gwenview. Join at any time, the event will be occurring all day long!

This is a great opportunity for anyone, especially non-developers to get involved!

  1. Check out our Bug Triaging guide for a primer on how to go about confirming and triaging bugs.
  2. Log into KDE Phabricator and join the Bugsquad!
  3. Join the #kde-bugs IRC channel on Freenode to chat with us in real-time as we go through the list.
  4. Open the shared Etherpad for this event (use your KDE Identity login) to select your block of bugs and cross them off.

If you need any help, contact me!

USB Stick Frustrations

Recently I had a USB stick that had a live ISO written to it. On it were a few partitions, Linux formatted with the standard system files you would expect written to it.

I needed to wipe it and format it FAT to move a file. I happened to have a Windows system at the moment. Easy to do, right?

NO! Of course not!

Here was my experience:

  1. In File Manager, right-click the drive to try and erase and re-format it. Nope! That apparently cannot be done.
  2. Open Windows Partition Manager to try and delete the partitions. Partition Manager refused to perform any operations on the drive.
  3. I went and got a Linux system. Move the USB stick to it, and erase the partitions.
  4. I move the USB stick back back to the Windows system to format it and move the file.
  5. Open Windows Partition Manager again and try to make a new partition on this blank USB stick. It consistently locks up trying to make a new partition on it.
  6. Back to Linux! I make a new partition and format it FAT32.
  7. Back to Windows, try to drop the file onto it. File is too large. Ok, that is my fault, I forgot the 4GB limit. Right-click the USB stick to format it exFAT. NOPE! Doesn’t work.
  8. Back to Linux! I format it exFAT.
  9. Back to Windows, drop the file onto it. FINALLY!