USB Stick Frustrations

Recently I had a USB stick that had a live ISO written to it. On it were a few partitions, Linux formatted with the standard system files you would expect written to it.

I needed to wipe it and format it FAT to move a file. I happened to have a Windows system at the moment. Easy to do, right?

NO! Of course not!

Here was my experience:

  1. In File Manager, right-click the drive to try and erase and re-format it. Nope! That apparently cannot be done.
  2. Open Windows Partition Manager to try and delete the partitions. Partition Manager refused to perform any operations on the drive.
  3. I went and got a Linux system. Move the USB stick to it, and erase the partitions.
  4. I move the USB stick back back to the Windows system to format it and move the file.
  5. Open Windows Partition Manager again and try to make a new partition on this blank USB stick. It consistently locks up trying to make a new partition on it.
  6. Back to Linux! I make a new partition and format it FAT32.
  7. Back to Windows, try to drop the file onto it. File is too large. Ok, that is my fault, I forgot the 4GB limit. Right-click the USB stick to format it exFAT. NOPE! Doesn’t work.
  8. Back to Linux! I format it exFAT.
  9. Back to Windows, drop the file onto it. FINALLY!


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